Give Millennials a chance

December 14, 2018

I am a fan of millennials and its time we stood by them and see the brighter side of things for a change.


Millennials, like it or not are shaping the way we live now and in the future Like a swarm of bees or a colony of ants they are relentless in driving the whole world into a future quite different from what we have been used to until now.


Until a few years ago, it would have been very difficult to imagine anyone staying at a stranger’s house (AirBnB), sharing a ride in a stranger’s car (Uber), working only when you feel like (Bloggers), giving up television (cord cutting) or creating your own fast food meal (chipotle). We have become audacious enough to think we get rid of banks (Bitcoin) and dream of a world without big corporates (Blockchain). If you still think that ‘don’t talk to or trust strangers’ is a good thing you ought to realize you are obsolete.


Millennials abhor rules, disregard authority and defy norms and conventions. It may seem millennials are narcissistic, spoilt with sense of entitlement, clueless, impatient and deluded — so rants the older generation who still muse over Woodstock and their doped-out hippie days! The older generation has failed this world and their ideas and ideals are obsolete. Step aside and let the millennials lead us into a new world of sharing trusting and experiencing


Come to think of it — If millennials had not been lazy they will be spending countless hours in the grocery store and we will not have amazon app topping the charts. If not for their blatant disregard for authority no bitcoin or Blockchain would exist and if not for their impatience the changes in this world would be at a snail’s pace.


They are driven mostly by their heart and guided collectively by their social interactions. None can deny they believe in freedom, community, equality, learning, sharing, team work and going green. Let us be patient and see where this collective wisdom leads us into.


Millennials thrive on chaos and they gleefully disrupt status quo. You can’t mold this generation with news on television, scare them with horror stories, influence their actions with advertisements or coerce them to follow meaningless rules and laws anymore.


It’s a whole new world ruled by millennials driven by a ’sharing’ economy with ‘trust’ as the currency of choice. Join them to ‘experience’ or be left behind. In case you are wondering ‘how to’ — be authentic, learn to get their attention, earn their trust and start sharing anything and everything.


And for a good start, stop calling them Millennials

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