How it all began

November 29, 2018

When Hangspot was founded, we had a simple mission – to bring together people in real life with an uncompromising set of objectives



Lifestyle App

We have to complement a user’s lifestyle and help them meet people in their everyday life. Don’t demand extra time and effort.


Universal Access

The App has to be free and accessible on Android and iOS phones. It should be available anywhere in the world in user’s choice of language.


Safety and Privacy

Do not ask any personal information that might of interest to hackers such as email ID or phone numbers. Never jeopardize the safety or privacy of users for the sake of identifying a user.


Avoid Digital Ads

Avoid Mobile advertising in current form since it is crappy at best for both end users and advertisers.  Do not compete for the Digital Ad spend, its best left to Google and Facebook.  However, its ok to innovate and disrupt Television, Outdoor and Magazine advertising market which incidentally happens to be larger than the digital ads segment.


Ads with a sense of purpose

Ads on Hangspot can never intrusive, Inauthentic or gimmicky. All advertising should either add value to the normal flow of the app or be entertaining to users.  Ads can never be of the informational, soliciting, sensational or stalking kind.


Flexible Intent

Do not force users to use the App for a specific purpose. Instead let the users decide where they like to hang out, whom they want to meet and how they want to experience life.  Let them use it for any purpose they seem to fit such as looking companions to hang out with, friends to travel to various places, partners for romantic relationships or buddies to just hang out and chill.



After loads of trial and error, we have finally designed and developed a service that meets all our near impossible objectives . Please stay tuned for updates on our progress and launch of App in the coming months.

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