We Dare to Dream

December 1, 2018

This is the story behind Hangspot, just a humble planting of a seed of a dream to grow a giant sequoia of a reality.


Like true entrepreneurs, we wanted to make a difference in this world but unlike most of them we did not seek to solve a pressing problem. Instead we dared to dream of a world in which we lived life the fullest.  In this dream world, we all

  • Breathe pristine air laced with the scent of flowers, herbs and fruits

  • Drink the purest of water directly from springs, streams, rivers and glaciers rich in minerals and ions

  • Eat the freshest of fruits, vegetables, greens and grains from the soil as mother nature intended instead of from factories

  • Sleep soundly in the dark with windows open and without noise, pollution and mosquitos

  • Relate meaningfully to others without fear, prejudice or hatred and build relationships and experiences with people from various walks of life

  • Contribute freely without worries about vagaries of everyday life


Wow! this dream world of ours sure sounds more utopian and impossible than ever or is it really? Just like the little drops of water that make the mighty ocean, humble thoughts can make the impossible a reality


Blockchain will eventually redefine the way we operate as a society.

Humanchain will define the way we collaborate as a collective

-Purple Yogi


We already have a few ripples in motion that are gathering in strength rapidly.  Blockchain threatens the end of lawyers and banks, Artificial Intelligence drives the new gen transportation, Virtual Reality makes learning fun again, Augmented Reality brings people back to museums, Smart Materials and sensors reshape the world all around us and Solar Power promises a quieter and pollution free world. Very few have realized the inevitable tsunamic changes coming our way.


However, these paradigm shifts may inadvertently isolate everyone further into a cocoon and remove us far from reality. These changes will not help us eat, drink, eat or sleep better unless we re-learn to relate to one another in a meaningful way and learn to collaborate as a collective. We just can’t delegate all problems to machines and algorithms, instead we need to re-learn how we relate to one another and learn to collaborate effectively to usher in a better future.


Decades and centuries of addictions and afflictions have left us all isolated and skeptical of everyone and everything around us. Any small dream sounds too big to believe given our collective state of mind.  However Just take a peek into the world we dreamt and soon you will realize it’s really not an impossible dream


In our dream world, every inch of rooftop balconies and walls are planted with plants and trees and the scent of herbs and flowers bringing calm and serenity in the most crowded of cities.


Every inch of river and steams and every square inch of lakes, reservoirs and glaciers are patrolled and protected not by a fancy law enforcement agency but groups of people.  AR, AI, Drones and Smart Sensors work in tandem with people to make pure glass of water available to everyone a reality,


Farmers are celebrities in our dream world. You watch them grow your food and they grow exactly what everyone needs thanks to AI. People eat what is fresh and in season since nothing is stored in freezers or gas chambers. Btw every farm has a long waiting list of people wanting to volunteer their time to work at the farm just for one simple reason – the volunteers get to sleep under the star filled skies!


When the night falls there is none of road noise, constant hum of air conditioners, creaking doors, cracking footsteps, howling of sirens, thumps of loud music, roar of airplane engines, intermittent flashes of neon light or even the drip drip drippety drips from the tap.


When the collective will decides ‘what nobody wanted is more important than what everyone wanted’ it is just a matter of time to sculpt the dream world.


It is easy. You just chip away the stone that doesn’t look like David

- Michelangelo


Oopsie doopsies the dream just crashed. In a day and age when we can’t express ourselves freely without offending at least a few, accept the results of a democratic election, reason with your immediate neighbor in a civilized manner or even feel secure walking on the street, it seems far-fetched to dream of a world where billions of people agree on anything. Even if by chance a billion agree, the entrenched might of the world will not allow it to happen.


Will It, It Will.  Will It ?  It Wont

-purple yogi


Wait a minute! Can we go back to being entrepreneurs? What fun is there in just doing what everyone thinks is possible and who can stop nature from nurturing seeds!

Just like the tiniest of seeds growing into a giant of a sequoia tree, the warmth and kindness of   a smile is all we need to make our dream world a reality and all it takes is two people meeting each other in real life.


This dream of a world filled with smiles spawned Hangspot A Social Discovery Platform for people to find each other in the real world with a simple mission to make people share ‘Smiles and Likes in Real Life’

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