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Everyday, its becoming more and more difficult to meet people in real life. With the advent of smartphones and social media addiction, we have lost our ability to meet and relate to people in the real world in our everyday lives. Hence our mission to make it fun and super easy to meet people in Real Life (IRL).

Hangspot journey is about how we address the innate need to meet people in real life as a free service  available to all but without the ads that annoy and disrupt the user experience. 

We are bringing about a new genre of mass reach mobile advertising called Interlaced Ads.  These Ads are Non-invasive and non-disruptive the way all advertising should be.

We are taking the first step into the age of entertaining and purposeful ads in which  mobile ads suck no more. Interlaced Ad Innovation is our tribute to Steve Jobs,


Vignesh Guna

Founder | Marketeer

Vignesh is driving the Hangspot vision to bring social encounters to the real world and revitalize the mobile advertising segment.

Vignesh brings in more than 10 years of global experience in mobile advertising,  product marketing and sales in more than 30 countries across Asia, Europe and Africa.

Vignesh’s inspiration to innovate mobile advertising comes from his passionate work experience - Acquiring customers and launching innovative wireless and mobile services across the globe for companies that included  Bubblemotion (Voice SMS Pioneer), Axell Wireless ( Wireless Coverage Leader) and Voiceweb (Mobile Marketing Leader).

Vignesh was a SIA-NOL undergrad scholar and holds a dual degree in Bachelor of Computing and Techno-preneurship from National University of Singapore (NUS). 

Sri Venu

Founder | Architect

Venu is a seasoned entrepreneur who is passionate about counter-intuitive ideas and is the driving force behind Hangspot's vision, technology and end-user experience.

Venu brings in a unique blend of entrepreneurial and product development experience that includes three startups since 1999 (Amoeba Telecom, Bubble Motion & Mystiq Mobile funded by the likes of Intel Capital, GE Capital and Sequoia Capital) in addition to a 10-year career in Telecom R&D at C-DOT, Reuters and Dialogic. 

Venu holds a degree in Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Comm)  from the prestigious PSG College of Technology in India.


We bring together people In Real Life.

The day people care to look up and smile at one another in real life, instead of keeping their heads buried in their smartphones, we know we have done our part to make this world a better place.

We would like to get all the help we can. If you are a

  • Hard-core Techie

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We would be glad to hear from you and join us in our quest in any way you can.



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